St Chad’s Church


THE UPDATED St Chad’s Church at the Quarry


St Chad’s was built in 1792 as a replacement for Old St Chad’s, which was partially destroyed in 1788 when the spire collapsed through the roof. The present-day church stands in a spectacular position above the Quarry, its round nave and domed steeple a familiar sight on Shrewsbury’s skyline. It is one of five round churches in Britain, the others being Holy Sepulchre at Cambridge, Holy Sepulchre in Northampton, All Saints in Newcastle Upon Tyne and the 12th Century Temple Church in London.

The church is dedicated to St Chad, who was the first bishop of Mercia around 600 AD. It is a Grade I listed Georgian church, made of Grinshill stone, and the nave is the largest round nave in Britain. The tower has a peal of 12 bells.
The walls inside the church display a collection of Hatchments (armorial panels used in funeral processions). There is a gallery and the banisters leading up to it and the pillars supporting it are early examples of the metalwork of the Industrial Revolution. As a matter of interest, Charles Darwin was baptised here as an infant.

The church is the civic and military church of Shrewsbury and as such it hosts many events including free concerts each Friday from 12.40pm to 1.20pm. The Concerts in the Round are becoming more popular. Light lunches are served for those wishing to stay afterwards. See the website below for current details:

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