Shrewsbury Quarry and the Dingle




The River Severn and Kingsland Bridge seen from the Quarry side in early Spring

A very popular spot where one can walk the entire length of the Loop and carry on for miles along the River Severn. The photo shows The Avenue of lime trees which stretches round the Loop from the Welsh Bridge to the English Bridge and beyond. The Avenue is for cyclists and pedestrians only apart from the occasional Council vehicles. Kingsland Bridge is a toll bridge for pedestrians and cars.

The Quarry is the venue for many events other than the Flower Show in August.



The river with Shrewsbury School boathouse (foreground) and Pengwern boathouse further off, June 2011.

This summer view is from Kingsland Bridge, as shown in the previous photo, with the Quarry behind the trees on the right. On the left is part of Shrewsbury School perched on top of the hill. A crowd has gathered by the river to watch dragon boat racing.



Boatload of Father Christmases

Most of the teams put on fancy dress costumes to add to the fun. The boat race is held in aid of the Severn Hospice, a local charity organisation caring for people who have incurable illnesses, offering support, help and counselling. The charity is not part of the NHS.



The two teams on the final leg of the race (the pirates won).




The Dingle

A sunken garden created by the quarrying of stone in previous centuries. It is said to be haunted by the ghost of Mrs Foxall, who was burnt alive on that site in 1647 for the murder of her husband. In the last century the Dingle was the responsibility of Percy Thrower, the famous TV garden presenter, who was in charge of the town’s parks at one time



The Boathouse Inn

On the opposite side of the river to the Quarry is the Boathouse Inn, a riverside pub offering great food (especially from the carvery, as people I know can testify) and real ales. It is next to the Porthill pedestrian bridge. A grade 2 listed building, it was constructed in the late 1500s-early 1600s.

For a list of all events including those in the Quarry, see the website below. It also has listings for places outside Shrewsbury.

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