Hidden secret of Shrewsbury Flax Mill

The Flax Mill at Ditherington is a Grade I listed building. Why?………….is the question people might ask looking at the photo above. The answer lies in its construction. It is the world’s first iron-framed building and the prototype of the modern-day skyscraper, that’s why.
It was built in 1797 and the iron frame was used to make it fireproof, as the processing of flax was quite dangerous in terms of setting fire to the building. It was used as a flax mill for a century, after which it was adapted for use as a malting, the name by which it is also known. It carried on life as the Maltings until last century when it was used as a barracks during World War 2, then again as a more modern malting factory until 1987.

At the moment it lies under scaffolding as work is underway to transform it into a canalside development that will provide employment, housing, social and leisure opportunities. See the websites below for news and for the chance to fund this ambitious venture.



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