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Heart failure and other things blog 23 – success!

  I never thought I would be writing this post, especially after recent events that left me feeling as though I didn’t have much time left. As I mentioned in previous blogs, one of the pacemaker leads wasn’t functioning at full capacity and when the lead was tweaked to increase its voltage it caused a […]

heart trace

Heart failure and other things blog 22 – heart traces

    We’re into mid-July and I’ve only just received an appointment for the echocardiogram; fortunately it’s for next week so I might get some answers about the current state of heart function soon. In the meantime things went wrong again for me and I was taking more and more of the diuretics to compensate […]


Heart failure and other things blog 21 – developments

In a condition that has a lot of ups and downs, I’ve had a down recently. That’s why there has been a gap between blog posts, because I didn’t want to write about it in case people who are newly diagnosed apply it to themselves and get worried. This blog is very personal and it’s […]


Heart failure and other things, blog 20 – low iron and low salt

I haven’t put another blog on for quite a while, mainly because there were no new developments, but in the last fortnight I’ve heard from a hospital and also had two appointments with a nurse from the heart failure team based at Bristol.   First, the cardiac pacing. Since seeing the cardiologist at Bristol in […]

Guest blog 4 – Paul Griffin. The Strange Event – An Irresponsible Act!

My wife and I recently travelled up to London to see our son performing at the Royal Albert Hall as a member of the Massed Bands of the Royal Marines. Afterwards we walked to a restaurant opposite South Kensington underground station to meet other family members and to eat. The walk was no longer than […]

Guest blog 1 – Paul Griffin, Early Experiences with Dilated Cardiomyopathy

Jackie has very kindly asked me to provide some of my early experiences of Dilated Cardiomyopathy mainly, I think, because I have been living with DCM for 18 years, have had 2 ‘ordinary’ pacemakers, 4 biventricular pacemakers and I helped set up and run two Support Groups in different parts of the country. First off, […]


Heart failure and other things blog 19 – Bristol

Wow, what a hospital. New, polished and extremely impressive. The signs were clear, it was easy to find the department I needed (but I also had the help of a kind volunteer, something I have never seen in any other hospital) and the system of calling patients seemed to be working well. There was even […]


Heart failure and other things blog 18 – Somerset nightmare

What seemed as though it would be a happy time is turning into a health nightmare because of the state of the NHS down here. I’ve been here for a week. During that time a broken tooth problem became the priority and it may or may not need to be extracted. It’s been extremely busy […]

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