Heart failure and other things blog 21 – developments

In a condition that has a lot of ups and downs, I’ve had a down recently. That’s why there has been a gap between blog posts, because I didn’t want to write about it in case people who are newly diagnosed apply it to themselves and get worried. This blog is very personal and it’s […]


Heart failure and other things, blog 20 – low iron and low salt

I haven’t put another blog on for quite a while, mainly because there were no new developments, but in the last fortnight I’ve heard from a hospital and also had two appointments with a nurse from the heart failure team based at Bristol.   First, the cardiac pacing. Since seeing the cardiologist at Bristol in […]

Guest blog 4 – Paul Griffin. The Strange Event – An Irresponsible Act!

My wife and I recently travelled up to London to see our son performing at the Royal Albert Hall as a member of the Massed Bands of the Royal Marines. Afterwards we walked to a restaurant opposite South Kensington underground station to meet other family members and to eat. The walk was no longer than […]

Guest blog 1 – Paul Griffin, Early Experiences with Dilated Cardiomyopathy

Jackie has very kindly asked me to provide some of my early experiences of Dilated Cardiomyopathy mainly, I think, because I have been living with DCM for 18 years, have had 2 ‘ordinary’ pacemakers, 4 biventricular pacemakers and I helped set up and run two Support Groups in different parts of the country. First off, […]


Heart failure and other things blog 19 – Bristol

Wow, what a hospital. New, polished and extremely impressive. The signs were clear, it was easy to find the department I needed (but I also had the help of a kind volunteer, something I have never seen in any other hospital) and the system of calling patients seemed to be working well. There was even […]


Heart failure and other things blog 18 – Somerset nightmare

What seemed as though it would be a happy time is turning into a health nightmare because of the state of the NHS down here. I’ve been here for a week. During that time a broken tooth problem became the priority and it may or may not need to be extracted. It’s been extremely busy […]


Heart failure and other things – pacemakers blog 17, January 2018

Just had my first heart appointment of the year at the pacemaker clinic. It took longer than usual because the technician wanted to optimise the working of the CRT-D device and that involved tests and trials to see what improved the pacemaker function the best. Apparently there are several vectors and ‘poles’ of operation that […]

Original Shrewsbury

Shrewsbury Facebook links

I’ve lived in Shrewsbury for 17 years, sorry to have to leave it. I’ve enjoyed every minute of my time here. Shrewsbury is gaining momentum as an exciting place to be and I hope that in the future it keeps the green surroundings and policy planners don’t build over all the green spaces. Here are […]

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