Heart failure and other things blog 13

It’s been some time since my last update and I’m pleased to say I’m making progress with the pacemaker. Regarding the anaemia, I asked the nurse about the possible cause – she ruled out X-rays, saying the amount given in radiation is so tiny it wouldn’t make any difference even though I had three within […]

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Heart failure and other things – blog 12, pacemaker weirdness

This is what a person with heart failure looks like. Normal. Therein lies the ambiguity that surrounds people who have heart failure, that they often don’t look ill. I’ve read about how other people with heart conditions have found the same thing; that they are told they look well. Sometimes it’s said as encouragement to […]


Heart failure and other things blog 11

The photo is of Neema finding the smallest place she can curl up on, and not fall off.   It’s five weeks since the CRT-D device was implanted and I just had the four-weekly check-up. I’d gone there worried as I thought I had dislodged a lead or two. On more than one occasion I’d […]

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Heart Failure and other things blog 10

12 days since the insertion of the CRT-D and I’m beginning to notice a difference, now that the pain from the op site and shoulder has subsided and I can move the arm around better. I have more energy to do things that I found difficult before, simple things like standing at the sink washing […]

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Beer Festival in October

This is another new festival for Shrewsbury, taking place on October 6th – 8th in the Quarry. The Quarry in the centre of town is a lovely venue for this kind of weekend fun which includes 150 ‘guest ales’ such as real ale and ciders, and a gin den, Prosecco parlour and cocktail classes as well […]


Shrewsbury Flower Show August 2017

It’s that time of year coming up! August 11th and 12th are the dates for this year’s Flower Show, billed as the second-largest flower show in the UK. It attracts thousands of visitors to the Quarry in town where the show is held. As well as marquees stuffed full of flower displays (most of which […]


Heart Failure and other things blog 9

June 28th 2017 This is what a heart with dilated cardiomyopathy looks like. I’m amazed mine is still pumping. It’s now ten days post-op and the area is healing nicely. Still some post-op stiffness and pain in the mornings and it’s sore – the device is larger than a normal pacemaker and it feels as […]


Heart Failure and other things blog 8

So there it is in all its glory, the lump that is now my pacemaker. It’s healing well, and into the itching stage five days after the procedure. I took cinnarizine beforehand to offset any possibility of dizziness and Mike drove me to Telford. It’s weird, I’m often more worried about having vertigo than what […]

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Heart failure and other things blog 7 (June 2017)

The new drug, Ivabradine, wasn’t successful and I had to be taken off it. Even half a tablet reduced my pulse rate to 50 or lower, and apparently that puts a person in the danger zone, so the doctors withdrew it. Ironic because one of the problems I have is that my heart rate/pulse rate […]

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Heart failure and other things blog 6

I’m back in hospital so this will be put on later. It’s Sunday morning and I’ve been in since the early hours of Friday, although it feels like a week already. Thursday night I couldn’t sleep because of a heavy feeling in my chest making me breathless, as though I had something pressing in my […]

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