The Joker / SAS Heroes – Pete Scholey


Pete at the National Memorial Arboretum in 2005

Pete Scholey served in 22 SAS for over twenty years and was involved in many campaigns, some of them covert operations at the time. As well as fighting in Aden, Borneo and Oman he played a part in setting up the SAS counter-terrorism unit. One of their first deployments was the storming of the Iranian Embassy to halt the siege by terrorists in 1980.

Pete’s route into the SAS was via the Parachute Regiment and he passed Selection for the SAS in 1963. He left the SAS in 1983 and worked as a security consultant for some years before retiring to live in Hereford with his wife Carolyn.

Pete is the successful author of two books. The first one, The Joker, details his time in the Army and the SAS. It is written with considerable panache and plenty of the black humour for which the British Army is famous. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it, couldn’t put it down and when I reached the end was disappointed there wasn’t more to read. That is the sign of a good book, and I can strongly recommend it. The Joker is available from Amazon and all good booksellers.


Pete’s second book is SAS Heroes, another engaging account of 20 SAS men who are his personal heroes, true heroes although many were never given any recognition for their bravery even after death. Like The Joker the book is full of fascinating anecdotes and insights into the lives of SAS troopers in battle and in civilian life. SAS Heroes is also available from Amazon, good booksellers and from the Osprey website at

There is more information about Pete at:

For many years Pete has travelled the UK giving talks about his experiences. Recent venues include Headley Court rehabilitation centre for injured soldiers and the National Army Museum in London. Pete doesn’t keep any profit from these ventures as all money beyond modest travel expenses goes to charity. If anyone is interested in attending a talk or asking Pete to give a talk, he can be reached via the Osprey website, second link above.


‘Go! Go! Go!’ – Rusty Firmin –

Rusty Firmin, ex-SAS and leader of the Blue Team that went into the Iranian Embassy in 1980 to end the siege, has written a book about his experiences. The book is called ‘Go! Go! Go!’ and is available from booksellers or a personalised copy can be bought from Rusty’s website above.


Soldier i – Peter Winner –

Pete Winner, another veteran of the Iranian Embassy siege and also involved in many other battles, is the author of ‘Soldier i’ and has a new book out called
‘Soldier ‘I’: the Story of an SAS Hero: From Mirbat to the Iranian Embassy Siege and Beyond’.

The book is available from booksellers. More information can be found at Pete’s website under the Operations tab.


A Survival Story – Mick ‘Ginge’ Tyler –

Mick’s book is told in a manner which is direct, plain and from the heart. He relates his early life in Kent with anecdotes of a hard way of life that is probably no longer in existence in the UK. It was to be his boyhood classroom in survival, something that gave him an advantage when he joined the Army and later the SAS and Royal Marines. Mick spent his career in the Army and after demob he had a variety of jobs but found his niche in helping run survival schools. Later he formed his own Breakaway Survival School, which has been a very successful venture as he was able to pass on the many skills he learned on his travels around the world and in combat.


Mick Tyler with his partner Sam at the National Memorial Arboretum in 2009


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