About J M (Jackie) Johnson

J M (Jackie) Johnson is a freelance writer and e-book author based in the United Kingdom (Britain). She has published four books in the Starbirth science fiction and fantasy series:

  • The Starbirth Assignment Part One (2011)
  • The Starbirth Assignment Part Two (2011)
  • The Shifter Dimension (2012)
  • Shadow Team GB (2015)author photo 2 Final web


She is currently working on updating the first two books and she is writing the fifth and final book in the Starbirth series. She is a member of several online writing groups.

J M previously worked in a professional capacity as a podiatrist in the National Health Service and currently lives in Shrewsbury.

She belonged to a spiritual group for eight years, following a particular spiritual lifestyle and making three pilgrimage trips to India. Her involvement fostered a lifelong fascination with powers of the mind. Two decades later she had the opportunity to join a group run by British ex-Special Forces and was a civilian member for six years. During that time she did extensive research into the military and intelligence worlds. These background experiences helped in the creation of her books.

J M Johnson comes from a family of artists and authors.

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