J M (Jackie) Johnson is a freelance writer and e-book author based in the United Kingdom (Britain).

She has published three books in the Starbirth science fiction and fantasy series:

  • Starbirth Assignment SHIFTER (Updated 2016)
  • The Shifter Dimension (Updated 2016)
  • Shadow Team GB (2015/updated 2016)

She is currently working on the fourth and final book in the Starbirth series. She is a member of several online writing groups.

Cover art and author photo art by Andy King

" Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken. "

- Oscar Wilde

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Starbirth Assignment SHIFTER

This book has been EDITED AND UPDATED IN 2016, and it includes Part One and Part Two of The Starbirth Assignment.

Lock Harford is exposed to an unknown drug as a teenager in South America. Its unique effects draw the attention of British intelligence, who undertake Lock’s development. He has the ability to move his body through a different dimension using the power of thought. His enhanced senses detect living beings as energy pulses, making him invaluable to military and intelligence organisations. They employ him to work alongside elite taskforces, taking passengers using teleportation, ‘Shifting’ in and lifting operatives out of hostile situations.

Lock’s handlers are put on red alert when a similar drug, Starbirth, appears in the United States and Britain sold as an illegal ‘high’. Distribution spreads across the world and the results of a Starbirth pandemic are feared as criminal and insane teleporters (Shifters) wreak havoc. Lock and a small unit of covert operatives are given the task of finding the source of Starbirth and shutting it down, but their efforts are hindered by corrupt, ruthless people with their own agendas. Lock is joined in his quest by the powerful, infuriating and immensely likeable Jimmy Mackenzie, a Special Air Service trooper whose life is changed forever by events out of their control.

In this first book in the Starbirth series, Jackie Johnson develops a brutal mix of suspense, humanity, command and action with a subtle vein of humour that keeps the reader rooting for Harford’s team.

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The Shifter Dimension

Lock Harford, a teleporter (Shifter) who can physically move through another dimension using only the power of thought, works alongside British Special Forces in trouble spots around the world. His employers at the British Secret Intelligence Service (MI6) need his help to eliminate some lethal weapons. Terrorists are using the weapons to inflict heavy losses upon British Special Forces in the conflict zones of Afghanistan and the borderlands by Iran.

Taking two Special Air Service troopers with him, including his colleague Jimmy Mackenzie, Lock is embroiled in a battle far greater than the one he anticipated. The situation becomes even more precarious when personal enemies, who wish to eliminate Lock and Jimmy before they can find the weapons, pursue them halfway across the world.

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Shadow Team GB

Lock Harford, a teleporter who can move his body through a dark matter dimension using only the power of his mind, knows that the only way to release Britain from the grip of marauding teleporter criminals is to fight like with like. His employers want him to head up a team of enhanced-ability operatives whose special powers will be created by controlled procedures rather than substance abuse of the illegal drug Starbirth, but the dubious quality of candidates delays the process. In the meantime he is working flat out to protect his family and his country against dark threats emerging from the madness of Starbirth addiction, hindered by devastating treachery closer to home.

Shadow Team GB is book four of the five-book Starbirth series but it can be read as a stand-alone novel as well.

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